Southern Right Foods is far more than your average Herb and Spice manufacturer and distributor!

Our variety of products are simply from out of this world! We supply our local South African market, and the international market, with specialty products that are innovative and different, and are used daily in homes across the world.

We are a manufacturer and contract packer of a wide range of pure and blended Spices, Herbs, Seasonings and other speciality food products under our own brand  names, also specialising in private labels all over the world. With the help of our extended and established international network of clients, we also serve as a distributor to other local and true South African brands. Products are manufactured to the highest food safety standards and certifications by a team of people who add the special ingredient of love to what they do.

Southern Right Foods - Herb & Spice Manufacturer South Africa

A Vibrant brand that boasts a vast range of pure and blended herbs, spices, salts and other specialty foods.